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Innovative Mathematics by R.P. GUPTA SCORE EASY is a series of workbook modules for Mathematics, carefully curated for prospective secondary school students and teachers to provide them with a platform where they can actively learn the structures, concepts, and foundations of secondary school Mathematics.

The series comes in a unique format, which makes it distinct from other books in the market. Each book, in the series, is dedicated to a single chapter of the curriculum. They comprise a detailed explanation of the topic at hand with thorough research, relevant examples, and thoughtful exercises. The books are formulated for students enabling them to learn in small collaborative group settings, where students read and learn together. This, assists in developing inquisitiveness in students as they question and help each other in solving problems. The books are crafted in a manner that the instructor does not have to necessarily lecture, but act more as a facilitator available to clarify doubts of the students.


This series intends to empower students to learn on their own and to minimize the extra cost they bear for supplementary tuition classes. The content of the books is such that it can be understood and solved by the student in a self-paced manner at his convenience, this also suites to the students who are highly motivated and already have a strong background in Mathematics.


Each module is self-contained and provides space to practise questions. The practising space in the books will enable students to organize their notes in a chapter-wise manner, which will prove to be more productive and beneficial.


This series includes all types of questions with solutions, thoughtfully categorized into various difficulty levels. This series provides a holistic understanding of all mathematical concepts.

Good Luck for your journey to learn Mathematics with SCORE EASY SERIES- INNOVATIVE MATHEMATICS by R.P. GUPTA.

SCORE EASY SERIES X 1, C.B.S.E Innovative Mathematics Real Numbers

  • R. P. Gupta

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